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Leadership Training and Workforce Development Courses 

Our Trainings & Workshops 

As a business owner, you’re an expert on what you do. We’re the experts on the how and why. Business improvement is who we are, what we do and what we’re passionate about, and we believe investing in the development of your team is the key to long-term success, growth, and customer satisfaction. 

Business Improvement Group aims to be the premiere workforce development partner for Alaska organizations while demonstrating measurable outcomes to your business goals. We offer a wide range of workforce development courses, training programs, leadership seminars, process development workshops, and more to help equip you and your team with the necessary tools and certifications to help you boost efficiency, maximize performance, and increase value.  

Reach out to us for our full agnostic and context driven course catalog and to learn more about our enterprise workforce development and training programs. Our first-class instructors seek to provide the fullest spectrum of business training available with courses geared toward your business’s specific needs.

Leadership & Workforce Development

Grow into the leader you’ve always envisioned and see your team grow. We offer a variety of classes geared toward developing your workforce and empowering business owners, executives, and other leaders who spearhead your team. 

Example Training Courses

  • Five Voices Boot Camp 
  • 1-on-1 Leadership Coaching 
  • Initial Team Performance Evaluation Workshop
  • Organization Growth Plan Assessment 
  • 2-Day Servant Leadership Seminar 

Process Excellence

Reduce waste and maximize productivity with courses geared toward developing better processes for your business. We teach the Lean Six Sigma method and offer workshops to help you identify areas with the most growth potential. 

Example Training Courses

  • Lean Six Sigma Belt Certifications 
  • Process Mapping Workshop
  • Value-Stream Mapping Workshop 
  • Lean Accounting 
  • Kaizen Events 

Project Management

Organize your team and execute projects with confidence. Project management classes take you through each step of successful project management so you can meet objectives with excellence and provide more value to customers.

Example Training Courses

  • PMI-CAPM/PMP Exam Prep
  • Agile Project Management 
  • Programs, Portfolios, and PMOs
  • Kanban Workshop 
  • Organizational Project Maturity and Improvement 

Information Technology 

Develop a plan for effectively utilizing technology and protecting your business’s data. Our IT classes provide you with a foundation on how to experience a digital transformation that takes your team and processes to the next level. 

Example Training Courses: 

  • IT Risk Management & Compliance
  • IT Cybersecurity 101
  • Advanced IT Service Management
  • ITIL V3 Foundations
  • HIPPA Policy Workshop 

General Management 

Build a strong foundation for your management team and empower them to be effective leaders in the workforce. General management workshops provide the most essential skills for business success and professional growth.

Example Training Courses

  • Meeting Facilitation Workshop 
  • High-Performance Team Building 
  • Communication Management 
  • Value Proposition Workshop 
  • Lean Performance Management

Disciplined Agile

Disciplined Agile is an agnostic approach that focuses on the decisions you need to consider, the options available to you, and the trade-offs associated with these options. It shows you how to effectively combine strategies from Scrum, Kanban, Safe®, and many other approaches to effectively manage a wide range of initiatives and deliverables. This agile toolkit is PMI endorsed as their solution for agile deployments, as both a tactical methodology and at scale. Organizations that adopt Disciplined Agile go to market sooner, deliver value faster and make their customers happier.  This robust approach to agile is context driven and offers business solutions within IT and business operations.  Project teams will learn how to pivot during times of change with minimal impact to the project and the business deliverables.

Example Training Courses:

  • Disciplined Agile Scrum Master -DASM
  • Disciplined Agile Senior Scrum Master-DASSM
  • Disciplined Agile Coach-DAC
  • Disciplined Agile Value Stream Consultant-DAVSC

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Our classes and trainings are customized to your business. We tailor our offerings to your location and business model, and we can work with your HR and supervisory team to help manage your workforce training. All of our courses are instructor led and are offered in-person, virtual, or hybrid.