Air Land Transport logo on top of photo of road in remote Alaskan location.

Long-Term Business Stabilization and Improvement

Air Land Transport, Inc.

The Project: Business Assessment and Improvement

Our Plan of Action:

Air Land was a Data Integrity Group and EMA customer and had come to rely on Jim’s consulting and support since 1996. BIG was engaged to help improve Air Land’s business service in November of 2010. BIG’s approach was to first stabilize the business systems and then move on to business improvement phases.

  • Business Stabilization
    • Stabilize IT systems – UPS, Backups, Security
    • Business Continuity Management
      • Business Impact Assessment
      • Risk Assessment
      • Business Continuity Strategy
      • Disaster Recovery Plan
  • Business Services Assessment
    • Inventory and assess current business services and processes
      • Includes Fleet Maintenance and tracking options
    • Process mapping, CMO, Gap analysis, Benchmarking, and FMO
    • Customer survey strategizing
    • Brand recognition workshop
  • Business Strategy Planning
    • Business Vision, Mission and Goals
    • Market analysis – Web services
    • Business Services – process improvement